France Most Beautiful Towns And Villages

This beguiling country is both sleepy and captivating with snippets to satisfy everyone. It is near impossible to envision France without thinking of the Eiffel Tower sparkling in Paris or the famous golden sands of the French Riviera.

But France has so much more than meets the eye.Some favorite cities and towns in France, which will add an extra coating for you to research in your next adventures. Not only are those towns and villages easy on the eye, but they’re all unique from one another.

Domme, Dordogne

One thing you need to know before visiting is that this village has an interesting cave system that sits underneath the main square. These caves were used to shield sailors throughout the war, but today, it’s available for tourists and residents alike to respect the beautiful formations.

Honfleur, Normandy

Colorful and exploding with life, it’s difficult to keep in mind that Honfleur was initially built with the sole intention of trading. As the years have progressed, this seaside town is now famous for bringing impressionist painters. You can observe the art up close among the museums and modern galleries dotted around the town.

Moving with the wave, this town is now devoted to tourism so that you may choose from an attractive choice of arty resorts, shops, restaurants, and much more.
Chartres, Loire Valley.

Chartres, Loire Valley

Towards the east of the Loire Valley, you will find the medieval town of Chartres. Visitors from All Around the world first stop away at Chartres Cathedral. Aside from its sheer size, the entrance doorways will make anybody stop in their tracks.

The arches are decorated with ornate carvings which are best admired via a pair of binoculars — especially to see the nooks and crannies of the stonework. Inside, the stained glass windows take center stage.
When it is time to escape the hustle, then pick up a baguette full of saucisson  and head over to the park close to the Eure River.