3 Benefits To Manufacturers That Put Product Configurators To Use

Reduce order cycle times with a 3D product configurator.

We already established that your teams can be protected from getting inundated with basic product questions, assembling quotes, or dealing with change requests. All of that back-and-forth, manual editing, and communications slows down the entire process.

With your CPQ software tuned up properly, you can compress these cycles dramatically as quote and order data can push to your other systems, product renderings can be generated automatically, and manufacturing automation can expedite and clarify what is happening in the shop floor. If you are planning for your personal products 3D customization, then you can get help from the professionals via vizframe.com. 

Simplicity in processing will increase your sales transactions and revenue.

Eliminate the choke point of your sales or engineering teams as they will no longer have to field constant calls and change requests to alter a quote or order as everything can be changed on the fly – even directly by a customer.

An added benefit is the ability to scale your sales operations without having to add salespeople to the team as these efficiencies will allow them to handle many more customers. 

3D product configurators increase your average deal size.

3D visual configurators as part of a CPQ solution are powerful in helping your customers envision the real-world uses, constraints, and opportunities afforded to them when they are able to build a product in real-time. 

Buyers can clearly see when a product option will benefit them which means they have the ability to upsell themselves with little to no reluctance because it wasn’t forced on them – instead, they discovered the solution for themselves and the added cost becomes secondary to solving the issue.