3 Creative Ways To Personalize Your Wedding In South Wales

Serve Signature Drinks

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a signature drink? Serve up a cocktail that has a special meaning to you both, or work with your bartenders to design your own custom concoction. You can also give your signature drink a witty name, serve “his and hers” cocktails, or create a fun sign that explains the meaning behind the beverage.

Personalize Your Menu

Along with signature drinks, your food menu can also be designed around your relationship, too! Catering plays a big role in the overall vibe of your event, so think about the kind of food experiences you genuinely enjoy sharing with each other. You can even hire wedding planners for finding your dreamy best wedding venue in south wales via https://www.decourceys.co.uk/wedding-venues-South-Wales. 

For example – do you guys love a good cheese platter? Organize a grazing board for guests to snack on during cocktail hour. Is there a particular dish you’ll always remember from your very first date? Ask your caterer if they can replicate this. Do you both share a serious sweet tooth? Organize a gelato cart or dessert bar! 

Create a Photo Wall

Your wedding day is a huge relationship milestone, so why not take a trip down memory lane by displaying some meaningful photographs? We love the idea of a dedicated photo wall or photo table, filled with significant images that tell a story from your past.

You can include photos of you and your partner as kids, your favorite holiday snaps, milestone moments – even photos of your parents at their very own weddings. This is also a beautiful place to pay tribute to any family members who are no longer able to join you on the day, by displaying a treasured photo you love to look back on.