All About Auto Pool Covers

While pools appear to be the best way to have a good time and enjoy yourself during warm months, they certainly come along with a lot of responsibilities. From maintenance to costly bills, soon you may find yourself buried under the obligation of something that was supposed to be "fun."

One of the greatest lessons comes from a day spent meticulously cleaning it, removing all the leaves and debris, and going back into the house feeling exhausted. The next morning, you walk outside after a night of wind and rain and your pool is yet again filled to the brim with a mess. Frustrated? It might be time to look at pool covers.

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Evaporation & Water Conservation

When your pool is left open to the elements evaporation will occur. As the liquid turns to vapor, you begin to lose water. This not only wastes water for those concerned with the environment or drought but also requires extra effort and money to refill it again and again.

Cutting Chemicals

Do you ever leave the pool with bloodshot eyes and allergies? Many people have an unwanted reaction to chemicals that are used, which can take all of the fun out of your time outside. By investing in pool covers, chemical use is cut by 35-60%!

Heat Retention

Your monthly bill can be quite a reminder of heating costs. No one likes jumping into frigid water, but if you keep the water uncovered, heat escapes into the air and is wasted. By covering it, you keep the heat and lower your costs. It's a win-win!

Dreaded Debris

Whatever is floating or flying around in the air lands in your pool. Even the things you can't see! Whether these are tiny allergens or large particles or bugs, nobody likes to take a swim amidst dirt and leaves. If you'd rather enjoy your day than spend it continuously netting at your investment, you'll want to look at pool covers as soon as you get one.