All about custom aluminum driveshafts

A driveshaft transfers power through the transmission to the car's differential. The differential then sends power to the Mustang's rear wheels. A driveshaft can be described as a simple shaft. It is easy to ignore and not complicated.

But without a driveshaft, your car will struggle to convert energy into motion. Although it's not an expensive upgrade in performance, upgrading your driveshaft may be something you need to do based on your personal preferences. You may eventually want to replace your steel stock driveshaft with a custom aluminum driveshaft or carbon fiber one. Each driveshaft material is ideal for different types and drivers.

custom aluminum driveshafts

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A steel driveshaft can be replaced with a custom aluminum driveshaft. This will reduce your car's excess weight and help your engine work more efficiently. Custom Aluminum driveshafts weigh significantly less and depending on which Mustang model you have, could drop anywhere between ten and twenty pounds just by changing from steel to aluminum.

A driveshaft drop is especially beneficial because it isn’t static weight that you’d be dropping but instead rotating weight. It is the equivalent of losing significantly more weight.

Aluminum is much more fragile and can break, creating dangerous sharp edges which could inflict injury on your car, or you. Aluminum can also be louder than steel. It doesn't absorb vibrations the same way as steel. This makes it less user-friendly for casual drivers. Aluminum is not a strong material and does poorly at high speeds.

Aluminum is lightweight, so people living in snowy regions are more excited about upgrading to it. However, aluminum can be easily corroded so it is important to regularly inspect your custom aluminum driveshaft.