All About The Canvas Storage Bags

Bags for the protection of artwork offer a sturdy robust and safe transportation solution, as well as dust-free protection for studio storage. Both have flaps that are velcro that can be closed securely. AOS bags are made of a thinner material. They are made of a lighter material, and you'll have to use foam corner pieces to ensure protection against hits.

Both are available on the Aussie Outback Supplies websites, with the exact dimensions of the bag laid out flat. To determine which bag best matches your artwork, keep in mind that the size of your work will draw the sides in, and the size of the seams on the sides is also not an area that can be used. 

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The Breen is constructed from a thicker material, which means that much of the interior measurement is lost to the folds of the cloth. Sizing tips for direct use are listed below since it is different between both brands.

With an art protection bag, you don't need to wrap your work in bubble wrap, card, or tape to cover your work. simply put it in the bag. It is much easier and will save time. It also helps reduce waste since the bubble wrap, card, and tape are typically destroyed during the process of unwrapping and are discarded. These bags are also eco-friendly and, over time, save money.