Automatic Covers For Swimming Pools

All automatic pool protection systems have the same basic design, which consists of flexible roofing material, winding drum, tracking system with rope, handrail roller, and a drive mechanism.

There are two main actuators for the automatic pool roof security system. The first is a gear motor and the second is electrically driven in powered hydraulic fluids. You can also check fixed or retractable pool enclosures prices from various online sources.

Drive Motor: The standard system is supported by several motors made and sizes at the end of the drive mechanism. The gear motor rotates towards the desired drive cover.

A torque control device to limit the voltage in the system is used at the end of the hood which acts as a stop sensor. The electric motors used by manufacturers today are specially designed for this application and can be completely submersible.

Hydraulic fluid actuated: This type of system is controlled by the hydraulic fluid pressure generated by the hydraulic pump which is usually located on the bearing of the pool equipment. Hydraulic pressure is supplied by two hydraulic lines from the hydraulic pump to the hydraulic motor at the end of the drive mechanism. In a two-engine application, a distributor is used to divert the direction of travel.