Baltimore Podiatrists Recommend Early Treatment For Bunions

Our feet are subject to a lot of abuse every day. Most of us take it for granted until they start causing us discomfort. A common reason for foot pain is caused by bunions. A hereditary disorder that is progressively getting worse with time the bunions can be affected by anyone however they are more commonly noticed in women.

They tend to be visible for many years before they begin to hurt however, many people are unhappy with the appearance of the bumps along the sides of their feet, close to the big toes. You can browse online to find a doctor in Baltimore for hallux valgus deformities.

bunion baltimore

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The bunion becomes larger as the deformity gets worse and often causes the large toe to shift towards the other toes. In extreme instances, the big toe could be able to move over or under that of the other toe. The pain is caused by the bunion pressing on the shoes, leading those suffering from bunion to purchase more and larger shoes.

 If the bunion is painful, it makes it difficult to walk with a posture to reduce pain placing greater stress on the tops that are on the foot. This could lead to back pain and knee issues due to the way in which posture is altered. A greater severity in the progression of the bunion can cause other foot issues such as the hammertoe, arch pain, and calluses.