Beginner’s Guide To Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free online tool that lets you see how your website is performing. It allows you to track the number of visitors, how long they are staying on your site, what pages they visit, and what keywords they are using. You can also see the performance of different sections of your website, and make changes to improve your website’s performance. For more details regarding google analytics, you can simply visit

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How do I set up Google Analytics?

There is no special setup required for Google Analytics; you can use the same account that you use for your website.

  • First, sign in to Google Analytics at
  • Next, create a new account or log in if you are already logged in. (If you have more than one Google account, be sure to choose the account that will be used for tracking.)
  • Then click “Create an account” in the upper right corner. Enter your name, and email address, and click “Create Account”.
  • You will now be taken to the “Google Analytics Installation” page. On this page, click the “Install” button next to “Google Analytics for Website Owners”. A window will open prompting you to choose a location for Google Analytics to store.

If you're looking to get more out of your Google Analytics data, setting up a campaign is the way to go. A campaign is a collection of data that captures how users interact with your website. You can use this data to see which areas of your website are most popular, identify user behavior patterns, and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.