Buy Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

Table tennis tables that are outdoors or tables for ping pong, are available in a range of sizes and designs. The table's surface is usually composed of either metal (usually aluminum) wood that has an outer layer of protection or another laminate. You can also visit to purchase an outdoor table tennis table.

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Legs are typically constructed from covered metal (aluminum and steel) or properly treated and protected wood. Since tables are made to be used outdoors the elements should be waterproof and secured against various forms of sun exposure, such as ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

Tables of this type are typically used only to play games, so the quality of these tables is generally not a concern, so long as they give a decent bounce to the ball. Due to the numerous design features that protect the table from elements they are typically much more costly than similar indoor versions. However, they have the benefit that these tables are also able to be used indoors as well as outdoors…and they are designed to last!

Tables that are topped with aluminum are usually regarded as the top choice because aluminum doesn't corrosion and is extremely resistant to UV. Because table tops require an extra thick layer in order to provide bounce, they are typically made of a wooden core (often MDF), with the outer layer of aluminum to shield the surface. A few laminate tabletops are also very nice and are becoming increasingly popular.

Like tables for indoor table tennis, how thick the tabletop is a vital aspect to consider. It not only provides an improved bounce for the ball because of its more solid structure and design, it also decreases the possibility of warping the table. 

Warping is a major factor in the table's performance but it creates cracks in the protective layer that surrounds it which exposes the inner layer to more moisture. The result will get worse faster. Of course, if the outer layer isn't made of wood, this shouldn't be an issue.

Aluminum frames are typically the most suitable option as they are typically lighter than solid wood or steel but with a good deal of strength. If you plan on moving the table a lot be sure to have an undercarriage that is robust and weatherproof wheels, too. 

The possibility of folding down the entire table to use as a practice table is provided by some brands too; however, an actual arrangement is rarely used and is very restricted when it comes to the practical use it provides.