Certificates Of Birth And Death

An individual is granted an identity when born. They are entitled to rights that are guaranteed by the government. On paper, the government recognizes the person's existence through birth certificates. When a person dies, the government issues the death certificate to prove the fact that it occurred.

Death and birth certificates are vital documents. They are issued with an official stamp of government making them official, and is why they must be accepted wherever you go to prove one's identity.

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Free Printable Certificate of Birth Sample Template

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The majority of institutions, from schools to insurance companies and even churches, rely on these official documents to provide their services to their customers. For instance, dependents and beneficiaries of an insured individual can only claim the death insurance coverage when they provide the certified death certificate at the request of the insurance provider. 

The person who is applying for a passport visa should present an authenticated duplicate of their birth certificate. To apply for a marriage certificate, couples must provide original copies of their birth certificates. If they are widowed, they have to present copies of death certificates to their spouses. 

Without Birth or Death certificates, authorities as well as the majority of institutions are incapable to confirm the identity or existence of a person. Hospitals are equipped with forms to register births and deaths. The legal and biological details of a person's information are documented in these documents.