Choosing A Solar Panel Installer

Installing solar panels yourself is one way to reduce overall costs. However, there are dangers with the self-assembly of solar panels.

Here are three things to consider before embarking on the DIY route. You can also get information about solar installation cost via

Installing Solar Panels

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First, by installing your solar module, you can void any manufacturer's warranty for the product. Review the rules carefully. Second, poorly installed panels can hurt the structural integrity of your property. 

Therefore, for most of us, using a quality solar module installer is the right choice. A qualified professional will ensure that your product is installed according to the manufacturer's instructions so that it works effectively and that you do not lose your warranty coverage.

However, finding the right installer can be a lottery unless you follow a few simple instructions.

1. Ask for recommendations

Do you know someone who has installed solar panels? Would you recommend your installer? Is there a problem with the installation – it can also help you refine your criteria?

2. Seek professional accreditation

Seek professional accreditation that is recognized in the industry. You can check these standards on professional association websites and look for accredited installers in their database.

3. Cost

While the lowest price may be tempting, it is not always recommended. In most cases, you get what you pay for. You need to find a competitive price without feeling like you're getting a "good price" or a "squeeze".

So, if you are thinking about installing solar panels, it's a good idea to get a lot of the above-ground work done early to ensure a smooth and fast installation.