Common Problems Caused By Thumb Sucking

The following problems are common among orthodontists in children who have thumb sucking habit:

Protrusive uppermost front teeth

This can be a simple problem with the position of the teeth, with the upper incisors leaning forward. You can also purchase the best thumb sucking guard via

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Sometimes, the formation of the jaw can be impaired, which can cause the upper jaw and teeth to fall off the face.

Leaned back lower front teeth

The strength of the thumb pushes the lower teeth of the incisors to incline toward the tongue.

The open bite

The upper and lower front teeth do not appear when the back teeth are clenched. The shape of the holes between the upper and lower front teeth can be exactly the same as the finger or thumb of the child.


The upper jaw is too tightly formed for the lower jaw so that the upper and lower teeth did not fit properly. This can occur as a result of stretching the cheek muscles while the child sucks their thumb.

It is necessary to exercise caution when breaking habits such as thumb sucking. Children usually use this as an ardent crutch and we need to be sensitive to the psychology behind this habit.

Punishment and scolding isn't the best approach – patience, persistence, and encouragement are essential.