Coupons Are a Buyer’s Best Friend

People love coupons because it gives them an extra discount on something that is much needed and wanted. Coupons are great tools used today. You aren't just giving the customer a reason to buy, but allowing them to save their hard-earned money and not spend it all in one place. This will always get you on their good side and also gain trust that you really want them to save money.

How creative can you be with coupons? If you sell physical goods you can offer free shipping. As you know Amazon offers free shipping on some items. One can also win Amazon coupons by doing online shopping at

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There are many different types of coupons to give. One type of coupon is an amount that is discounted from the total price. Another type of coupon is "BOGO" or as you know "Buy One Get One" free or half off. 

A different variation of the "BOGO" coupon or discount is to buy multiple products to get one free or half off. You can also be creative and give people a discount for referring your business. 

You can give a money amount or a percentage off their next order. Again people are saving money and also it is a way of inexpensive advertising. When people learn they will save money with you, the potential to gain more customers is stronger.