Create a Formal Garden with best ediging

This eclectic style garden has its place, but incorporating some traditional principles to add structure to your landscape isn't a bad idea.

In addition to the border of the plant, make solid contours using brick or poured concrete. This not only adds to the linear shape, but also makes maintenance easy. You can buy beautiful and flexible garden edging products

Use small accents to make a big statement. White planters with green foliage stand out well. Egg-shaped box bushes in small jars on either side of the entrance or garage door attract attention and create symmetry.

Another classic accent is the topiary. Fill the wire form with sphagnum moss and plant vines like English ivy around the form. As your plant grows, train the vines to cover the fungus and cut off any shoots that aren't easy to train.

Continue the impression of symmetry by repeating the order of the plants in different areas or by placing the same plant on either side of a ladder or bench.

Create a sturdy building in your garden that is attractive all year round. Although some plants stand out at various stages of their flowering, make sure you have a complete design with classic components such as sidewalks, paths, hedges, shrubs and perennials.