Deciding Between Diesel Tuning Chip & Diesel Tuning Box

If you are a car buff and follow various magazines and blogs on them, you would know that the fire that is fuelling its girth big time for quite a while now is a vehicle remap.

These advanced tuning systems can be applied to varying vehicles.  To get more info about ecu tuning you can search the websites of service providers online.

The most popular revamp are the diesel remap or diesel tuning. Diesel run transports has come a long way today and can lend you speed and efficiency at par with petrol run transports also at a reasonable cost.

This upgrade can be brought about by diesel tuning boxes or diesel tuning chips. Let's understand the key similarities and differences between them to decide on the better of the two for your diesel vehicle.


Diesel tuning box can be easily installed by any car mechanic having the basic skills. Here one needs to attach a sole cable to the car though few prefer or may require additional wiring.

However, it requires a strategic location for mounting in the engine bay. Its size may be equivalent to a card deck size and can go up to twice its size. They must be mounted in a spot safe from significant heat, electrical or water interference.

Diesel tuning chips, in contrast, require a specialist and an expert for its successful installation in a workshop.

Since they are all about changing the programming of the software of the engine, they do not require any location for installation or any kind of wiring. It involves the replacement of the chip by a specialist operation.