Gifts For Small Dog Owners

The latest accessory for Hollywood celebrities is undoubtedly the small dog. And because Hollywood sets most fashion trends, the rest of the world has not been far behind in adding “purse pooch” to their accessories collection. Small dog owners have different needs than people who own, say a German shepherd or a Pit Bull. The following websites have great gift ideas for those whose pets are always riding along, whether it is in a purse or on a lap.

Small dogs need clothes, and not just for setting trends; their little bodies get cold! has a few fashionable clothing options in every price range for your tiny pup. The Camo Sleeveless Monster Dog Hoodie is a sporty choice and comes in pink or in traditional camouflage for $41.95. The Moire Dog Coat is a little classier and a little pricier at $119.95. For the coolest of small dogs, they offer the Crash Bomber Dog Jacket for $127.95.

Small dog owners love that their pups can ride around in an over the shoulder puppy holder. has a huge selection of Designer Dog Carriers for just this purpose. There are literally pages and pages of stylish dog carriers to choose from on this website.  Prices range from $99 (for the Roxy II carrier in Pink and Black, Red and Black, Tan and Black, or Turquoise and Black) to the moderately priced Petote Kelle Bag in Chocolate, Olive, or Tan and Black ($150) all the way up to $1200 for the very chic Hedy Manon Black Madison Bag. Check out some more websites such as and many more.

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