Himalayan Pink Salt One of Life’s Great Treatments

Pink Himalayan salt is the saltiest salt on earth. Its mineral content and natural color make it one of the most expensive salts available. Himalayan Pink Salt, also known as rock salt or nephrite, is rock salt extracted from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal and Tibet. The salt is harvested by squeezing the rocks and then drying them in a kiln. After they are dried, they are cracked open to reveal their mineral content, which ranges from calcium carbonate (the most abundant element) to sodium chloride (characterized by its negative charge).

Himalayan salt crystals come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They are mined mostly from the valleys of the Himalayan Mountains, where the weather is cold and very dry, making it ideal for evaporation. The minerals in the water evaporate much faster than air, so the water crystals lock together, taking the moisture in with them. After a long period of time, the crystal salt will refract light, revealing the beautiful pink color within. This pink, however, becomes translucent when heated. It’s this property that gives Pink Himalayan salt its distinctive beauty and the reason why it’s been used for centuries to enhance the appearance of clothing and decorate homes.

Although most of us know Himalayan salt by its popular name, we might not be aware that its mineral makeup is vastly different from that of table salt. In fact, Himalayan pink salt contains about thirty times more trace minerals than does regular table salt. These trace minerals contribute to the various health benefits associated with them, including improved immunity and stronger bones. As Himalayan salt can be mined in numerous locations all over the world, it’s easy to see why it’s become so popular over the years.

One particular mine in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains that has played a key role in the mining of this special mineral is Khewra Salt Mine in Nepal. Considered one of the richest sources of natural salt on the face of the earth, Khewra Salt Mine spans several kilometers of rocky terrain. It took scientists decades to successfully mine the enormous deposits of sodium chloride and strontium chloride andtwo of the main elements needed to create Himalayan pink salt. Today, the mine is open to visitors who can tour the mine and take advantage of its rich natural beauty. There are also several interesting displays of the rock formation and pictures of the various minerals that have been formed there.

Natural salt in its various forms can have a variety of mineral-bearing minerals in varying densities. This is what makes Himalayan pink salt so special because it has about fifteen times more trace elements than do the salts found in other parts of the world. Trace elements are minerals that are found throughout the world and are vital in maintaining healthy bodily functions. For example, you need trace elements in your body to stay healthy and to prevent a number of serious illnesses including cancer. Our bodies also need these trace elements to keep our bones strong and healthy, and many of the trace elements found in Himalayan pink salt can help our bodies to get these necessary minerals where they are needed most.

Himalayan Pink Salt mines are not just known for the rich mineral content they contain andthey are also known for their geographic location and the climate of the region in which the salt deposits are located. The Himalayan mountains range in elevation from less than 3 miles up to more than 8 kilometers, with an average depth of about 400 meters. Because of the intense cold and freezing temperatures present in the region, the water that percolates through the mines must be at very low temperatures. Because of this and other factors, the water is treated before it is used and the minerals that make up the mineral content are all frozen to maintain their crystal clearness.

It is not just the mineral content that Himalayan salts bring to our table andthey are also known for their therapeutic qualities. When taken as an essential ingredient in the preparation of popular health drinks like Mahanarayan and Mahamash Ghrut, the salt helps to promote proper blood circulation, increase stamina, improve immunity and reduce stress. In Indian cookery, salt is used not only for seasoning food but as a great preservative to preserve food that has been cooked and prepared in the traditional way.

Himalayan pink salt can be purchased from health food stores and even online. There are even small quantities available for purchase at some retailers throughout the country. If you want to stock up on this popular salt, it may be best to buy it in bulk quantities. Many online retailers offer significant discounts when purchasing in bulk quantities of Himalayan salts.