Hiring A Site Selection Company For Your Next Business Meeting

Finding the right property for your off-site meeting is the most time-consuming task of the entire planning process. A company specializing in hotel site selection services will work with you to determine your program's lodging, meeting, dining, and recreation requirements. 

They will take that information and contact numerous properties on your behalf, analyze the information for you, and give you recommendations. Once you hire the best hotel site selection services, the company does the basic work; the property knows that you are the one who makes the decisions, which keeps you in control.

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The hotel site selection company is compensated by a property placement fee that your business generates, so there is no cost to you for these services. It is industry-wide practice to pay site selection companies a commission for helping them fill their rooms.

Property owners or venue business owners know that  they are competing for your business and provide the best rates regardless of fees or commissions.

For help with event planning once you've hired the property where your meeting will be held, ask your hotel site selection service. Often they will offer a full range of planning services, including pre-event planning and on-site event management. 

These services can be provided on an hourly basis – you only pay for the work that is needed and stay in control of your budget and planning process.

Planning and monitoring a meeting requires valuable time and attention before the event takes place, as well as once you are at the meeting location. 

By hiring a meeting professional to plan and manage your meeting, you can leave all the details to them with confidence, allowing you and your staff to focus on growing your business and knowing that the meeting will be handled professionally and smoothly.