How to Get Rid of a Clogged Bathtub Drain

There are many ways to unclog a backed-up bathtub drain, but boiling water is the simplest and most effective. It will dissolve the clog by pushing it through the drain. If you do not have a plumbing snake, you can also use a utility knife to slice the clog. After the clog falls apart, the overflow opening can be cleaned using a plunger.

Another method involves soaking a plunger in hot water and releasing the water slowly, allowing it to clear the blockage. You can also try pouring boiling water down the drain to dissolve most clogs. However, be careful about splashing boiling water into the drain, since it can cause burns. Once the clog has been removed, you can replace the parts of the drain.

After soaking the soaking tub, use a plunger to clear the clog. The plunger should be flat or cup-shaped, as this will help you reach the clog more easily. Continue to do this until you are satisfied with the results. Otherwise, call a plumber for help. If you are not comfortable performing these steps yourself, you can hire a plumber but check first how cheap it is to clean a drain on AskCleaner.

Easy steps to unclog a drain at home

The first thing you should do to unclog your bathtub drain is to remove the cover. This will allow you to clean out the clog. You can also use a plunger to clear the sluggish drain. The plunger should be flat and cup-shaped. You will need to repeat the procedure several times to loosen all the debris. Keeping gloves on will help you avoid any injuries.

Once you have removed the screen, you can start the next step. This is a good time to wear gloves and remove any visible blockages. Most tub clogs are caused by hair, soap scum, and other bathroom products. You should be able to see the water draining more quickly after unclogging the drain. If this method does not work, try using a magnetized screwdriver to remove the obstruction.

If you cannot reach the bottom of the drain, use a plunger. You should be able to find the clog and plunge it several times. This method works only if there is no mineral buildup in the drain. For that, you need to buy a chemical drain cleaner. A simple solution to clog a bathtub is to purchase a snake. A wire or plastic snake will fit into the drain and twist around to dislodge the blockage. A wire coat hanger can be fashioned into a snake and inserted into the drain.