How to Select a Gym that Match Your Goals

So you want to join a new gym. How should one choose the best from the many varied fitness studios? Prioritizing the different considerations can be confusing and it's very easy to get overwhelmed by a good salesperson when visiting the gym.

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You need a gym that you can reach easily. If it's too distant from your workplace or home, you'll be using it less often than you should. So choose one that's within walking distance, or if you're going there, consider the convenience (and cost) of parking. Depending on how many days and hours you want to exercise, one near your home or office would be ideal.


The key question to ask yourself is, "What is my goal?” Then choose a gym that has equipment that suits your goals. So, if you're looking for muscle building, choose a gym with sufficient free weights (dumbbells and bars, cable crossovers, benches etc.). And if yoga and stretching is your thing, you need a gym with a yoga studio and plenty of space to stretch.


The first person you may see is the receptionist. Is he/she friendly, kind, knowledgeable? All of these things are very important if you interact with them every time you go to the gym.

Then consider having a fitness trainer and personal trainer. Are they available, attentive and communicative?