Know Everything About Salt Therapy

Speleotherapy uses salt-rich underground caves to treat respiratory conditions and some skin disorders, and is a method of treating respiratory problems. The ability to calm an irritated respiratory tract has been demonstrated by natural salt microns as well as ions. Salt has a natural antiinflammatory effect. It reduces swelling in the air passages and makes it easier and less painful for people to breathe. 

Salt-saturated air is able to destroy bacteria and fungus in the mucosal membrane of the respiratory tract. The salt-saturated air is easier to expel because it thins the mucus. It is also proven to remove tar and tar from smokers' lungs. You can also know more about salt therapy via Lake Norman Salt Spa.

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Salt ions create a negative charge in the air that can improve mood, anxiety, stress, and fatigue, as well as other curative effects. The patient can relax in the salt cave during a treatment. Each session can last between twenty-five and forty-five minutes. The sessions are repeated every day for up to 15 days. 

Three treatments are recommended per year. Speleotherapy treatments can be shared with up to thirty people. Halotherapy is a form of salt therapy that can be used outside caves. It is derived from the Greek word "halos", which means "salt". It uses a dry aerosol spray on the ceiling and walls to cover them. 

Although man-made salt rooms offer the possibility of private sessions, larger salt rooms can be built to allow for more patients. You can also use halotherapy privately at home. You can use a device called a salt pipe, which is a personal dry-salt inhaler for as long as twenty-five minutes each day.