Meditation Is A Quiet Revolution

Meditation is generally considered a quiet, private practice. Like all revolutions, there is an underground that exists before, during, and after the manifestations of awakening. More people are writing and speaking out about meditation in this culture.

Meditation in groups is common and powerful. However, each meditator still enjoys a private, unique experience. Meditation is not practiced in the workplace openly. It is also rarely discussed with others unless it is within small groups or between friends. 

Although the voices are not as quiet these days, there is still a quietness and silence about meditation in many settings. If you want to have an expert opinion regarding the same then you can visit and clear your doubts on meditation.

Meditation & Mindfulness in Daily Life

I'm comfortable with the many words that can be used to describe meditation. Meditation is my way of connecting with the Divine and being replenished by the Source. While some people talk about mystical experiences or higher consciousness, others prefer to talk about relaxation, calmness, and resilience. 

Meditators who have been practicing for a long time can easily find other mediators. Meditators emit calmer vibrations and are more in tune with themselves than those who don't meditate or have no meditative practice. If you practice yoga, gardening, or other activities that are in harmony with yourself, you can also get the same soothing signals.