Potential Customer Benefits Of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Marketing is a new technique companies are using to integrate advanced AR technology into their marketing and sales activities. Especially in the luxury industry, it is now an effective instrument to increase connectivity with your customers and thus increase online sales.

Radu and Schneider explained in their 2019 article that augmented reality marketing strategy has various uses in the field of e-commerce, mainly because of its ability to display 3D objects in reality.

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Interactive 3D product presentation through augmented reality increases customer loyalty by displaying virtual versions of products in a physical environment.

Augmented Reality can also save customers time by allowing them to try out different products virtually using the device as an app and decide which one is best for them without applying the product to themselves.

With this technology, e-commerce websites can also enable customization or customization of products online, allowing customers to create their own designs and create something that best fits their needs.

Another application of this technology in e-commerce is digital marketing. In this case, information is added to a physical object in the form of an image, several lines of text or a video.

Companies in the luxury industry have successfully implemented this new marketing trend in partnership with Snapchat.