Problems With Do it Yourself Tiling

Timeless, durable and powerful are some of the words used to describe the tile floor. The art of putting the tile where you want it and having it look as you imagined is also difficult, time-consuming, sometimes wasteful and can really give you major headaches.

The availability of so many kinds of stones and tiles making a push to do it yourself is even more tempting. The thought process usually starts with something like "I can buy a fancier tile if I do it myself." Take heed and read carefully. It is not as easy as it sounds. There are several problems that can arise and consequently cost more money than actually hiring a professional. You can hire your local tiling service in Perth from and save you from wasting time and efforts. 

Learning to properly cut the tiles will save a lot of grief. This is a slow job and should be done with caution. It is necessary to use a light touch and go slowly until you have perfected the technique. Using the right tool for the job is a must. It does not matter if the tiles will be a backsplash, floor or wall, the technique for cutting is the same. Using the wrong tools will cause breakage, uneven cuts and a multitude of other problems.

First of all, you will need a tile cutter. Ceramic tile cutters are widely available at home improvement stores and hardware stores. There are also places that will hire them. If you have a big job and requires professional-grade tile cutters, plans to spend more than $ 500 if you choose not to hire one. You will also need a hacksaw. While ordinary hacksaw can work, you will have to change the tipped blade to carbide blade. It is also available at hardware and home improvement stores

All this can be very time consuming and very frustrating. By the time you purchase your tile, grout, your tools and take one or two days off from work, you can have it done by a professional and will run on it in no time. Less waste of tiles, less time accomplishing the task and not having to buy the tools are all money-saving ideas.