Promote Protection With Hand Sanitizer

Wash your hands, wash your hands, it has become a well-known mantra and with growing concern about the H1N1 virus outbreak, we will be hearing more. It sounds very simple – that the prevention of this disease can be hidden in something very general.

However, disease control and infectious disease experts continue to advocate hand washing as the number one weapon against this potentially fatal disease. Experts recommend using hand sanitizer. Moreover it has become one of the best wellness and safety giveaways.

promotional hand sanitizer

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If your hands are cleaned properly, research shows that hand sanitizers are just as effective as old soap and water. In some cases, hand sanitizers are even more effective, killing bacteria and viruses down to their DNA. 

The fear of the flu is growing rapidly as more and more sick children drop out of school, employees are absent from work, and we are feeling the effects of prolonged absences from work as the illness affects one family member at a time. 

With officials worried every day and the public's fear of disease growing, there is no better way to show your care by providing hand sanitizer to your customers and employees. They meet public needs and recognize common problems that threaten all.

Moreover, children are encouraged to use their own hand sanitizer, as well as those available in dispensers in classrooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms.