Romantic Wedding Cruise in Riviera Maya

Are warm weather, blue seas, and exotic locations part of your dream for the perfect wedding? Then consider a wedding package on a cruise. Today, cruise lines offer wedding packages that include many of the amenities you've been looking for, including your honeymoon.

Since cruise ships sail in international waters, certain rules must be adhered to, so only two cruise lines currently offering marriages are captains at sea. Other cruise lines offer weddings on board while in port, and others offer weddings on the beach while in port. You can also know more about all-inclusive private yacht charter weddings in Riviera Maya online.

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It is important for you to know what each line offers and what you had in your dream. Most cruise lines offer a wedding coordinator to guide you through the process. You will need to know the rules for obtaining a marriage certificate, the price, whether you need a blood test or a medical certificate, and whether you can do it by mail or have to come in person.

Cruise line wedding packages usually include the wedding party, photos, music, flowers, champagne and the right person for the ceremony. The coordinator will help you with all the important details. Your "private" wedding cruise can be an intimate wedding for two or involve all of your family and friends. Your guests can be with you at your wedding on the beach or go on a cruise with you.

So start planning your dream wedding, honeymoon cruise can be just what you want.