Save Your Planet Through Metal Recycling

When you think of metal recycling, aluminum and steel are what generally comes to mind. But regretfully the fact of the matter is that the recycling rates of these 2 metals have been reduced by 20% over the past couple of years.

Both aluminum and steel scrap has a high recycling value. However, there are so many centers for metal reprocessing in Sydney, which can help you to save money as well as energy.

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How products are made directly from ores (without recycling):

* An ALUMINUM product is made by separating oxygen from aluminum extracted as a mineral. This is done by the application of an electric current that is passed through the metal. The metal is then melted and shaped into the desired product.

* STEEL is made in a hot blast furnace with the help of different chemical reaction processes. Through this process, oxygen is again separated from the ore. It is melted and then shaped.

Millions of tons of energy are generally utilized if manufacturers were to make aluminum and steel products in this manner. But when you recycle, only 4% of this energy is used in the manufacturing process.

By recycling aluminum and steel:

* You can prevent land, water, and air pollution.

* You can reduce the damages involved in the process of mining ores.

* You can also trade in your metal scrap at a metal recycling company for a good cost.