Simple Divorce – Know How To Get One

Let's first be aware of the two principal characters in divorce: the petitioner as well as the respondent. The Petitioner is who seeks divorce The Respondent is the spouse of the other. When a divorce is filed the Respondent is received with the divorce petition. The Respondent is given 30 days to reply and if the Respondent does not respond, the case is deemed to be in default. You can book a consultation now for a simple divorce in Ontario.

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This signifies that the respondent had no involvement in the proceedings. Keep in mind that default divorces are only advised if you don't have children, do not own lots of assets, and don't require the support of a spouse or partner.

In the meantime, one of the most crucial elements to get a divorce is the notification. It is crucial to notify your spouse that you're seeking divorce by sending the Summons along with an original Petition. So you and your spouse are aware of all the information regarding the divorce. If you do not inform your spouse of it, the court will not be able to act on your case.

The spouses are not able to serve the papers because they are the primary participants in the proceedings. The applicant must be a minimum of 18 years old. A person who is a relative of the petitioner may deliver the documents, however, it's better if an individual who is not related through blood serves the papers.