Spanish food – A Way of Life

To truly experience the delicious world in Spanish food, it's important to go beyond the usual beaches and instead take pleasure in eating the way the Spanish do. 

The food in Spain is much more than an exclusive way to keep body and soul unified -it's an entire experience and the main reason for the Spanish lifestyle. You can also buy award winning spanish products online.

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The food and drink of Spain illustrate the turbulent history of this huge country with its varied geography and Mediterranean culture. Spain was under the control of the Moors for a long period of time which prompted the introduction of olives and oranges plantations in this region. 

Olives and oranges had an enormous impact on the diet of Spaniards, and they are very loved in Spain. Moorish influences can be detected in a myriad of Spanish dishes, which are flavored with cumin, saffron, and diverse exotic spices. 

Rich soups and stews form the most popular meals of the people living in the peasant population. Olive oil remains the most popular choice for cooking in Spain.

Paella is believed to be the most well-known of Spanish dishes and was developed by a poor villager from Valencia. The original recipe makes making use of vegetables grown at home that is finely chopped and then cooked using short grains of high-quality rice. 

It's a simple recipe with plenty of delicious fillings and tastes. It is a common practice to find delicious food in Spain can be found at cheap prices in markets on the streets and is made of top quality local ingredients.