How Safe Is Your Child’s Halloween Costume?

Every year children and adults start planning their costumes for a large celebration. In most cases, children have a pretty good idea about what they want when going from door to door looking for snacks but maybe not the best choice when you look well safely. You can consider the top costume designer in NYC at

Halloween costumes are becoming more amazing every year so finding something you want to wear is usually not too difficult but it's important to know that there might be a hidden danger associated with the costume of your choice that you never think about if you don't know what you are looking for.

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4 tips that will help ensure your child's Halloween costume is safe:

1. Halloween costumes designed for children are required to be made from fireproof materials. However, this does not mean they cannot burn if it is exposed to a flame. If you choose a costume for your long and flowing child, you have to take precautions to make sure they are not close to Jack-O-Lanterns with candles in them or other decorations that include the flame where the clothes can be touched and burned.

2. The costume you choose for your child must also match. One that is too big or too long can cause your child to stumble and hurt. Capes must be about knee length and long dresses or pants may not drag the ground.

3. Wearing anything that blocks child vision can also cause injury. When wearing masked full costume ventilation can be a serious problem. Children don't always realize that the mask might be difficult for them to breathe. This mask can cause carbon dioxide poising to accumulate in the mask that causes your child to completely faint because it does not have enough oxygen. 

4. Because the whole point of dress-up is usually out of tricks – or treating, having a costume seen by the driver of the car is very important. If your child's costume is dark and it is difficult to see you can solve this problem by adding reflective ribbons to them.