Grooming Tips – Grooming for Long Haired Dogs

Caring for a dog requires a lot of time and patience, especially if your dog has long hair. Grooming can be a challenge and the majority of dog owners would rather have someone else do it and take their dogs to pet grooming shops. It can get a bit more expensive and difficult time, especially if you have any doggy degenerative myelopathy. Save money by doing it yourself, here are some care tips for long-haired dogs.

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The water temperature

The water temperature is a big help when giving your dog a bath. You do not want to use something that is too cold, because this force only causes doggy to shiver after their bath. Use warm water to make it more comfortable for them. Just add recently boiled water into the tub before filling it with the bathwater. doggy You'll thank me after bathing them and they will not fight a lot while you're cleaning them.


One of the most overlooked parts of a dog's body would most probably be the nails. These need to be cut but not too short since this helps the doggy get a grip and walk or run better.


Keep their eyes clean by cutting a few feathers in the vicinity. You can do this yourself but be careful because the dog tends to move around a lot while you cut their hair. You can also simply tie it back or braid if your hair is a super long dog