Natural Self Tanning Products Are A Growing Trend

There are a lot of different choices when it comes to self-tanning products. Sometimes you might want to go with an old-fashioned, oil-based self-tanner, but other times you might be better off going with a natural, water-based option. Natural self-tanners are becoming more and more popular as the market for vegan and cruelty-free products increases.

What is Self Tanning?

Self-tanning is the process of applying a tanning product to your skin to achieve a fake tan.

There are many different self tanning products on the market, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. 

When selecting a self-tanner, it is important to consider the type of product you are using, the amount you will be using per application, and your skin tone. 

Some people prefer to use self-tanners that are applied in a spray form as they are more effective than lotions or gels. Others may prefer to use a gradual Tanner, which is a cream or jelly that is applied over several days, building up the color until they reach their desired level of a sun-kissed glow. 

No matter what type of self-tanner you choose to use, keep in mind that too much sun can actually lead to skin cancer. Always use sunscreen when outside for an extended period of time and apply a self-tanner only when necessary.