Here are a few Indoor Plants Known to Grow Under Low Light

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Indoor plants have become popular and exciting for homeowners. In fact, indoor plants are known to offer benefits you may not be aware of. For instance; indoor plants are known to create a feeling of positivity, help patients to recover quicker, absorb sound etc. Indoor plants are also known to come in various types and sizes making it important to consider the type when it comes to cleaning. If you’re looking for an indoor plant in the market, then you should consider a few of these.

  1. Begonias – Requiring little water and light while being considered one of the best is begonias. Begonias are considered to be beautiful and attractive comprising of colorful leaves. If beauty is what you are after regarding the indoor plant, begonias are the ones to choose. Rex begonia is an alternative to begonias.
  2. Swedish Ivy – If you wish to get your hands-on simple indoor plant, then you should choose Swedish Ivy. The Swedish Ivy requires low light for its growth and survival. Moreover, this plant is known to grow faster than any other indoor plant.
  3. Maidenhair Ferns – Not everyone looks for a beautiful indoor plant. Maidenhair ferns are known to come with thick leaves making it simpler for those who aren’t behind the beauty. Moreover, if you find it difficult to get maidenhair ferns, then you have an alternative which is the silver lace.

These are just a handful of indoor plants. You can learn more types of indoor plants by doing office plant hire in Melbourne.