Tips For Removing A Possum From Your Roof

The natural habitat of the opossum is the hollow of the trees, but as their natural habitat is rapidly disappearing, they have had to adapt to a human home. Because these creatures are very territorial, they cannot be moved around easily, especially if they choose to take shelter in the attic of your home.

Once opossums have started calling your rooftop home, several techniques can be used to remove opossums. Try moving possums to an alternative home by building a strong waterproof house, or get in touch now! with your local pest control company.

Do You Have A Possum Living In Your Roof? - Animal Talk

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If possible, go to your ceiling to find the location of the opossum's nest. You will need to place the opossum nest in the opossum house as this will encourage adaptation. Possum house can be placed near a tree in your yard, about 4 meters above the ground, so it is out of reach of cats and dogs.

Use half a banana or apple in your new home to encourage it to do research. You should also trim any branches dangling on or near your tree to make sure they don't return to your roof.

Put the light in your roof hole and keep it for 3 days 3 nights. This combination of light and smell will push possums off your roof and possibly the house you built for them outside. If you don't hear the opossum for a few nights, you have successfully removed it. To prevent returns, you must block all access points to the roof with chicken wire and wood. The best time to block access is at night.