Sample The Fine Wines Of Marlborough, New Zealand

There is no better place to plan a vacation than New Zealand. Beautiful, inviting, and though old-fashioned at times, there is definitely no shortage of activities even locals often prefer to travel within an area rather than abroad. If it's your first time here and you're not sure where to stay, book a luxury cabin at the Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand's foodie district, and home to some of the world's best wines.

Enjoy The Best In New Zealand:

Marlborough is the most perfect place in the country. Private beaches are easy to reach by boat and each is nestled between submerged valleys with its own water views. Sea Picton, on the Cook Strait, is a quiet port town. The cafe and restaurant have a great view of the water and you won't regret spending the day. Blenheim is the heart of the wine industry and is exactly where you want to start your tour of local wineries. If you also want to enjoy the Marlborough New Zealand wine then visit and have a taste of different wines of New Zealand.

Pinot Noir Masters 2018: the results in full

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Taste Of Marlborough:

If you enjoy wine, whether you are an expert or just a glass of food, making plans during your visit to the vineyards and wineries that have made Marlborough a household name around the world is a must. Attend one of the following events or book a wine tour with one of the local tour guides.

The Herzog Winery and Restaurant:

With a team of passionate employees running the critical Jeffries Road restaurant and winery, you can feel the dedication that makes Herzog one of the best wineries in the country. Be sure to sample Viognier, Chardonnay, and Pinot Gris during your visit.