How to Choose a Tile and Grout Cleaning Company?

You must hire a professional to clean grout and tiles in your home. Even if your tiles are still dirty and you've been washing your hands for hours, a professional cleaning service can usually get your tiles sparkling in a relatively short period. 

However, before you hire a company for tile and grout cleaning services, you need to do your research. Here is a list to ask before hiring a company to clean tile and grout in your home.

1. For best results when cleaning tiles, you should work with a company that has extensive experience in this type of cleaning. You can also ask if a tile and grout cleaning company has experience with your particular surface material, such as porcelain or slate.

2. You can even scrub the tile and grout manually to remove dirt before using more intense cleaning methods. You can ask if the company uses an environmentally friendly cleaning solution.

3. Ask if the company can send a representative to your home to get an estimate of the cost of cleaning your tiles. Most of the leading tile cleaning companies are willing to do this for free. Be wary of companies that offer deals without first seeing what needs to be done or that promise a fixed cleaning price.

4. Anytime you hire someone to do any work in your home – including cleaning tiles – you need to make sure they are properly licensed and fully insured. Licensed and insured contractors also tend to be more reliable and experienced than unlicensed night flights.