The Reflections Of The Chinese Calendar

Chinese culture has always been mysterious, beautiful, and seductive. When it comes to Chinese ivory sculptures, they have been a complex part of civilization for thousands of years and one of the most beautiful forms of expression. 

The art represents many stories and legends, expressed without words, carved in ivory. You can also check for the best chinese calender online via the web.

Chinese Calendar for Gender

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As astrology became a part of everyday life in the Eastern and Western worlds, the mysterious Chinese calendar with 12 zodiac signs presented in various materials became very popular. In Chinese astrology, the 12 zodiac signs represent 12 different personality types.

The Chinese originally used helmet ivory during the Ming Dynasty for most of the carvings made during that period. The helmet is a large bird native to Sumatra, Borneo, and the Malay Archipelago. 

Since the signs of the Chinese zodiac have traditionally been associated with Chinese culture since ancient times, many carvings have been excavated and are now on display in museums.

Demand for high-quality craftsmanship is increasing, but the supply of natural legal ivory has been limited in recent decades due to the illegal hunting and killing of elephants and other endangered species such as walruses, narcissus, and horned animals. 

There are many artists who have experience in the art of carving high-quality Chinese zodiac signs into mammoth tusks. Intricate, delicate, and beautiful, each tusk sells for a price while it takes more than 6 months to carve a full-size mammoth tusk.