The Top Tips for Finding a Dog Friendly Hotel In Toronto

Before you travel with your dog, you should find out about possible hotels, motels, or bed & breakfasts in your travel destination. There are currently 65 million dog owners the and about 19% take their pets with them when they travel. 

Some hotels require owners to sign an agreement to pay for damage caused by dogs, while others require a refundable deposit. You can also look for the best dog daycare in Toronto online for your pet to live freely.

The list of pet facilities is growing, especially at the larger hotel chains. The shortlist includes “baby dog sitting”, walking service, pet play area, haircut service including “paudikuren” and even a special animal menu which includes hotel cooked meals served in special dog bowls, mats, mineral water, and free chew toys.

There are many things you can do with this guide to make your dog popular. When you register, find out where you can walk with them and what rules apply to pets. The following tips can tell the difference between a re-invitation and a request to leave:

Respect other guests and always tie your pet when leaving the hotel room. Keep your pet identification and some hotels require proof of vaccination. Always clean your pet after a walk. Keep your pet in the bathroom or in a crate if left alone in the room.