Tips For A Successful Corporate Comedy Event

The corporate comedy event can transform the usual dull banquet or holiday party into a huge success. While it can be a challenge to entertain your corporate officers and staff with a comedy show it can also be a great way to break down barriers within the organization.

The number one thing to do is to book the right act. The comic should have vast experience with corporate comedy events. You don't want some armature just learning comedy to do it while your reputation is at stake.

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The comic should understand that this is not a comedy club gig and they need to keep it clean. Again get a professional that is used to working clean.

Their promo pack should include a list of past events and performances. If this list is only comedy clubs with no other corporate or cruise ship appearances listed be careful. A good agent or booker can help find you someone experienced in this specific type of venue.

Once you have the right act picked out it is time to consider some other things that will help allow the comic to be at his or her very best.

Good sound and lights are a must. The funniest comics in the world will get nothing if they can not be heard. Good light is also important. A riser or stage will allow better sight lines for the audience and is also helpful but not required.