Top Reasons to Hire a New Email Marketing Firm

With the tremendous evolution of digital marketing in recent times, it has become possible to measure virtually every detail of an online venture. In case your current email marketing agency is not providing you with accurate measures of data, to show where every buck is getting allocated and the return values from time to time, then it may be time to consider a change of company and move on with a new email marketing company.

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Here are a few signs to know for sure your business requires the services of a new email marketing firm.

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No provision of link-building data: SEO indeed does a whole lot of good to your business, as when your website is ranked high, it will automatically invite a greater flux of good quality traffic. Every digital marketing agency ideally provides you with a ranking report, that elaborates the current position of your website and the flow of keywords targeted in your online campaign, but what many companies fail to show is the array of links that they have constructed to get your website those rankings. If your present digital agency asserts privacy issues for divulging their link-building strategy to you, it's time to be attentive and hire a new firm, as there is a very good chance that they are jeopardizing your business by using unauthorized links.

Absence of segmented lead information: Email marketing is an effective way to inform potential customers about a product or company offers, with the goal of transforming them into actual paying customers. While building the list of recipients, email marketers utilize available data to segment the leads into categories based on their browsers' activity which automatically translates to their interest level. Email marketers also monitor the responsiveness of every lead by detecting the frequency at which they open the mails and interact with the presented content. If your current online marketing firm isn't doing all of this it is time to look for another.