What Are RFID Tags & Their Usage?

RFIDs are being used in every industry and sector. Machine-driven payments, supply chain management, physical access control, and counterfeit prevention are all possible uses of RFIDs. Smart homes and offices can also be used for logistics and security. People often see RFID tags in shops and shopping centers. 

RFID tags are attached to the price label, hidden within the product or clothing, as well as on the merchandise. The 'Label' is a thin, flat tag. The 'Ticket' tag is thinner and made from paper. The chip is inserted into a thin, but tough plastic such as employee IDs or access cards. 

RFID tags

RFID technology has revolutionized many applications, including material tracking and confirmation and airline baggage identification and routing systems. Intelligent tracking and management can catalyze all processes. 

With the help of RFID,  It is possible to track you, record your conversations and take notes. This can all be done inexpensively and effectively. This is not a movie about spying, and it's a fact that there are more spies than you might think.

RFIDs can only be read at very short distances, which is a detriment. Typically, it can only be read within a few feet. Passive RFIDs are best if the area of use is less cluttered and distances range from a few inches up to a few miles.