What are the Chemtrails?

Chemtrails are nothing more than a absurd made up conspiracy theory, largely coming from those that have to have failed college science. The chemtrail conspiracy theory claims how the normal longer lasting condensation trails (contrails) from aeroplanes are “chemtrails” that contain chemical or biological materials left in the atmosphere and are dispersed for sinister purposes. The ones that have faith in this theory (chemtards) propose that while normal contrails disappear somewhat rapidly, contrails that linger need to contain additional chemicals to ensure they endure longer. These people hypothesize that the function of the chemical discharge can be for many sinister and not so sinister motives which include handling of solar irradiation, climate manipulation, psychological manipulation, control of the human population, biological or chemical rivalry. In addition they believe that the chemtrails are resulting in respiratory: conditions along with other health problems in the human population.

Every one of the claims produced can be easily thrown out and the scientific community have discussed contrails and replied to the conspiracy. There is certainly no proof that the proposed chemtrails are different from standard water dependent contrails that are normally left by high-flying aircraft in particular atmospheric situations. The conspiracy theory remains despite experts and government departments around the world having regularly explained that the supposed chemtrails are simply just in fact standard contrails. This does not appear to have made any difference to individuals who have faith in the conspiracy theory.

Another way of looking at it, is that if it was real, then this would have to happen to be consented to by each and every country in the world. Each and every major airline globally would have to say yes to spray them. This will require tens of thousands of aircraft pilots as well as airport workers, climate forecasters and observers, every University which has a meteorology or atmospheric physics division and every enterprise that monitors air quality. They will all have to agree to remain silent. This would be an unprecedented global task and co-operation which whomever is guiding this, if it was true is deserving of a Nobel prize. No one who is convinced in the fringe movement of chemtrails (ie the chemtards) has been capable of clarify how this remarkable co-operation is functioning with nobody spilling the beans on it.

An additional means of thinking about it will be simply the infrastructure of dispensing the chemtrails if this was correct. Many experts have estimated what would be needed to just spray the USA with all the claimed chemical substances that are reported by the chemtards as being used. It had been worked out that the federal government will have to arrange four million 747 flights to spread their chemical compounds every week for it to be effective. That is 18 times additional flights on a daily basis compared to the entire US. In addition to that their would need to be the facilities and personal to support such a considerable enterprise (that would also have to keep quiet about what they actually do). Also, this would only be for the USA and a similar infrastructure could well be needed for every country in the world. None of those believers in chemtrails may be able to clarify this.