What is Web Hosting? And Get It’s Benefits

Web hosting allows organizations and blogs to publish their web pages or websites online. There are many options in this digital world. Web hosting service providers offer the best technologies and services to enable websites and pages to be viewed on the internet.

What is the domain?

A domain name is what your business name is. Your domain name allows you to host your site online. The Honolulu website hosting companies can help you purchase a domain name if you don't have one.

The webdesign in website creation

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What is a server?


  • Websites are stored or hosted on servers, which are special computers.
  • Your customers and users will need to know your business name so they can visit your site online. After they have entered your business name, their browser will connect to your server. Your web pages will then be delivered to them.

Disk Space

Each web hosting account comes with a certain amount of disk space to help you store your web files. It is recommended to have an estimate of the disk space that you will need for different tasks. This includes space needed for email, web files, databases, and other data. You can estimate how much space to buy by breaking down your usage.

Bandwidth and Data transfer

  • Data transfer refers to the actual amount of data transferred.
  • It's simple. Imagine bandwidth as a tunnel. The longer the tunnel, the more cars that can pass it. Data transfer is the number of cars that can pass through the tunnel within a certain time period, such as a month. No matter what connection type your visitor has, the less bandwidth you have will make your website load slower. 
  • Web hosts often refer to bandwidth and data transfer as one entity. They are, however, two different things. Bandwidth refers to the maximum data that can be transmitted at once.