What You Need To Know If Your Car Or Truck Needs To Be Towed

In case you need towing services, there are a few things you need to know to protect your investment in your car or truck. The first thing you need to know is whether your car is 2-wheel drive (2WD), 4-wheel drive (4WD), or all-wheel drive.

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2WD vehicles have either front or rear drive and can be towed safely by keeping the drive wheels off the ground. If this is not possible, your car must be towed from the tow platform or tow bar placed under the disabled vehicle to prevent the drive wheels from touching the ground.

Modern towing systems use two different technologies. The first is the wheel lift, which can be used for cars as well as for pulling medium or heavy loads. This equipment tows the vehicle with wheels and thus ensures a damage free towing. Another type of towing is the flatbed, which is a hydraulically powered body with an inclined bed with a winch. Most flat panels have the ability to tow the car using the wheel lift technique.

Flat bed is recommended for all 4WD cars, exotic cars and cars with low ground clearance. With this method, all four wheels can be on the ground. The car stands on the bed and is secured from damage with chains or belts.

Whether your car or truck is equipped with 2WD, 4WD or all-wheel drive, you can count on a good company to meet your needs.