Why Mediation is a Good Option For Mutual Divorce

Family divorce mediation has its advantages, which is why many couples choose this path. Every divorced couple should at least consider mediation before reaching an agreement in court. The divorce mediator in California is completely objective and has the best interests of both parties.

Wife entitled to divorce husband who worked late

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They act as a buffer, but can also provide advice based on their knowledge and experience in these situations. This is invaluable because it gives the divorcing parties a different perspective on the matter. With mediation, there is a high chance that both parties will avoid litigation.

The good thing about mediation is that it allows couples to decide in a relaxed atmosphere. Except for the intermediary who also added an element of secrecy, no one was present. When you go to court, you start to involve a number of other outside parties such as judges and lawyers. 

All major issues are now starting to become visible to others and this can be difficult for everyone involved. The legal process is complex and lengthy, while mediation is a much more effective process.

While there are certain situations when divorce mediation is impractical, it is an option for most couples. For example, if there is physical violence, mediation is not possible. But as long as both parties are at least friendly enough and willing to work on their issues, mediation can work. 

When a couple doesn't get along, it's usually black and white. One side feels similar and the other side feels different. There are mediators to bring up the gray areas so that both parties can lean more towards the middle.