Why Use A Cannabis Vape Pen?

There are many benefits to consuming marijuana with a vape pen, especially compared to traditional smoking. Because of their potency and ease of use, vape pens primarily appeal to newer cannabis consumers, but vaping is a practical choice regardless of experience level. 

Convenience: First and foremost, vape pens accessories are one of the easiest methods to enjoy THC (or CBD). The pens, and the cartridges necessary for their use, are small and portable, and easy to refill. Making a convenient product even easier, users can find pre-filled cartridges containing a variety of concentrates or distillates. 

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Alternately, consumers can purchase pre-filled disposable vape pens that are perfect while on the go and can be tossed in the trash (or recycling) when done. At the end of the day, it is much easier to carry these cartridges than cannabis flowers. 

Discretion: Many vape pen users love their pens because it is an incredibly discreet way to use marijuana. Smoking or transporting cannabis flowers can be very smelly, which can bring unwanted attention. The aerosol vapor from a pen, however, is significantly less substantial. 

Not only that, it often dissipates entirely within a few minutes. And because vape pens are extensively used as tobacco replacements, your use of a vape pen, in of itself, should not draw much attention. 

Safer than Smoking: When comparing the effects of inhaling aerosol vapor versus smoke, the results are promising. The smoke produced by the combustion of cannabis flowers does more harm to your lungs than THC vapor. 

Nevertheless, this does not mean vaping cannabis is harmless. It must be remembered that the long-term effects of vaping on the lungs have yet to be concluded. Not only that, there are health concerns about black-market vape pens containing dangerous chemicals that can be harmful to inhale.